What we do

We provide high quality guitar, music,musicians psychology, songwriting, recording, mixing and producing services to our clients since 1999. 


Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar,ukulele or bass? Wanted to jam along with friends? Sit around the fire by the beach and sing along to songs playing guitar with your friends? You are self taught, stuck and you don't know how to progress? Want to learn how to write your own songs?Music theory? Recording on your mac or pc at home? Make demos? Expose yourself online? You got stage fright or you find it hard to record in the studio or play in front of others?


Look no further!!!


We have been providing quality music teaching services since 1999. Ultimate guitar lessons provides courses for young kids from the age of 5 and there are no more restrictions to how old you are. Services include: one to one lessons  in London (selected areas, check availability), Skype or FaceTime worldwide and downloadable material including lesson explanation text, main video and slow down videos, tabs, backing tracks and many more. You can learn at your own pace or select from our fast track courses.

Our expertise is to tailor the learning curve to your needs. 

We set together goals and targets and make sure that you follow the right pathway in order to achieve them. Wether it is learning for fun or on a serious professional level.All you need is a slot or program, arrange lessons in person or via skype so Ideally a good internet connection.